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Photo Rejuvenation treats skin conditions and removes effects of photoaging such as fine lines, wrinkles, spots, redness, couperose, rosacea and textures.


When a flash or a light beam penetrates the skin, certain natural pigments in our skin absorb the light, we call these chromospheres.The skin has several chromospheres: melanin, hemoglobin and water.

Toning, Firming and Anti Ageing
Photo Rejuvenation acts in the epidermic level reducing signs of ageing. The light beam targetstissues of the epidermis and dermis and heats them in so as to regenerate them. The treatmentsstimulate long-term production of collagen and permit a tightening of the fibers in the deep layers ofthe skin, also tightening the pores on the surface of the skin.

Face $175
Face and Neck $200
Face, Neck and Décolleté $225
Hands $145
Stomach $150
Breasts $135
Buttocks $200  

Add LED for $35

Pigmentary stains
Pigmentary stains are produced by the body. They are products of metabolism, skin coloration dueto the accumulation of melanin [lentigo (brown stains), age spots, etc..]. They are the consequenceof a multiplication of melanocytes (cells that produce melanin) whose volume increases due toseveral factors (the sun, uv rays, hormonal troubles, photosensitive medication, age, etc.). Thediameter of these Pigmentary stains is usually from 3mm to 1cm. The stains are not dangerous butcan be esthetically unpleasing.The treatments consists in the selective destruction by photothermolysis of pigments (melanin). The light beam penetrates in the epidermis and the superficial dermis to absorb and burn the pigment.The excess in melanin present under the skin will then be eliminated.

Dilated Blood Vessels
Dilated blood vessels are visible on the nose, cheeks and chin and can. Small dilated vessels canpresent themselves in linear, circular or stellar forms. Different factors (sun exposure, trauma orageing) provoke the rupture of minuscule blood vessels called capillaries. The blood vessels thatdilate under the skin's surface are also responsible for the augmentation of substances liberated bythe blood, thus contributing in certain cutaneous diseases such as rosacea. It is possible to get rid of theses symptoms without damaging the skin's healthy tissues. Couperosis is characterized by a red coloration of the face due to the dilation of little vessels we call Capillaries. It is often caused by Sun exposure, strongly influenced by generated can be accentuated by alcohol and spices. Nevertheless, it remains an exponential problem; it is recommended to treat annually after the initial cure.The emitted light is absorbed by the targeted blood vessels to reduce and destroy without affecting the surrounding structure of the skin. The treatment acts as a sort of reducer/eliminator of targetedvessels and begins an exfoliation of damaged skin as well as stimulating the production of collagen at the surface of the skin. The blood vessels are heated up by the light beam, provoking their destruction. Blood vessels, redness and rosacea clear up and disappear progressively. As of the first treatment, the client often notices that the abnormalities have disappeared or have been reduced (reduction of up to 50% after 1st treatment and up after every treatment after).

Acne is an infection of the skin due to retention of sebum that provokes comedones and microcysts.The skin over produces oil in the sebaceous glands. Bacteria plays an important role with acnebecause it causes an over infection of pimples.The synergy of the light permits a tightening of the pores and reduce the appearance of residualacne scars by stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Following the absorption of light,the bacteria are destroyed. With its heat, the light restricts the overproduction of the sebaceousglands responsible for acne and significantly reduce the proliferation of bacteria. The light’s strength provokes the unhealthy bacteria as well as reduces the redness and inflammation of pimples.

Price for pigmentation varies depending on size of area treated
One spot /starting price $45
Add led for only $35
Price for vessels varies
Starting price on cheeks $125
Add led for only $35
Acne $175
Add led for only $35


Rejuvenate and Plump your lips by stimulating the collagen and the elastin around your lips using photo light therapy.Great for boosting hydration, Anti ageing and conquering those fine lines around the lips.Giving a natural fuller plumper effect.

LED LIGHT THERAPY- Photobiostimulation recharges the ATP and stimulates the production of collagen and elastin. LED compliments the above treatments and helps to prolong the treatments aswell as penetrate products deeper into the dermis.
LED Light Therapy without the above treatments includes cleansing of the skin light massage withspecific treatment serum according to your needs at the end of the treatment the right choice ofcream is applied to the skin each LED Light Therapy Treatment alone takes about 20-25 minutes at aprice of $45


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