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European Facial $120
A classic deep cleansing facial using hot towels to steam and relax,  preparing the skin for extractions followed by a relaxing deep massage to rehydrate and replenish, finishing off with a peel off masque. Each European facial is customized for your needs, while under the mask we treat the hands as well.

Teen Facials $65
Teen facials are a deep cleansing facial to unblock pores and continue keeping the skin fresh , clean and youthfulHot towels are used to steam and relax, preparing the skin for extractions. Teen facials are also customized depending on the skin’s needs. After the extraction process a serum is massaged into the skin,  finishing with a mask to soothe and comfort the skin.

Mini Facial $50
Our mini facial is our quick yet calming facial. Using a dual enzyme exfoliation powder the pores are cleansed and a mask according to skin type is applied. Great for just before a night out and brides-to-be. The skin will look refreshed and feel rejuvenated.

Back Facial $145
For congested skin, an excellent facial to help with any acne of dull skin. Customized specially for the back, this treatment will leave your skin feeling soft and clear. Great for before vacation, after gym or overall health of the skin in an area impossible to reach alone.


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